How can you make the most of immersive technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality for your business?

We work in collaboration with our clients, we also leverage the latest technology as we often have early partner access, to create effective and innovative projects. As a hub for immersive technologies, we have some of the best developers, designers and equipment. Whether you want a marketing experience or digital training and consultancy, we have an unrivalled skill set.

We help you understand & narrow down the best use cases such as training as well as remote collaboration for example and even help you to develop customised immersive experiences.

We typically begin with a discovery phase to ensure you get the best solution for your budget and then we define the scope, plan the project, agree on a timeline and budget, phases and milestones.

  • We define AR or VR project strategies and integration.
  • Rapid Prototyping of an MVP, look and feel or early stage.
  • Project planning, scope, timeframe and management.
  • Content production for AR & VR (XR) project.
  • Developing, testing and publishing your XR project.

Mixed Reality Architecture

Are you looking to leverage your brand or launch a product?

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are incredibly powerful mediums that allow brands to engage with their audiences like never before.

Our consultancy services can guide you through the complexities of these mediums and help your brand to strategically leverage Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality to gain a competitive edge.

Ultimately, we enable our clients to use Immersive Technology to provide appropriate and awe-inspiring experiences, to deliver better service, enhance the brand and make cost savings.

We also offer

  • Industry Leading Training across the spectrum of XR
  • Cost Effective Rapid XR Prototyping and Visualisation
  • End to End Development in Unity, Unreal and WebVR
  • Live and rendered 360, all VR platforms and HoloLens

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